Transition to Concierge Medicine

April 18, 2024

Message to My Wonderful Patients:

It is so hard to believe that Comprehensive Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, LLC has grown and evolved since 2020. I truly appreciate all my patients, families, partners, colleagues, and supporters during these years. It has been a privilege being your family physician. You have entrusted me to be your doctor and I can think of no more worthy calling. As you know, I take my work seriously and providing you and your family with exceptional and comprehensive care has been—and will always remain—my highest priority. Unfortunately, the current state of our healthcare system is making this increasingly difficult. Personalized care has become more and more challenging in a system that favors quantity over quality and computer check boxes over face-to-face interactions. “Patient-centered” care has given way to payment-centered care. Medical costs have also become severely inflated as third parties have forced themselves into the exam room. Daily I continue to advocate for my patients and help them attain prior authorizations for medications, labs and radiology tests since insurance companies created barriers to efficient and effective healthcare. Something must change! I have joined a growing movement across the nation. I am transitioning my practice to a concierge medical practice. Unlike direct primary care physicians, I will still accept most insurances including Medicare. However, I am limiting my panel and offering a membership model of care. By providing the membership model, I will offer the personalized care that I most desired for my patients. Also, my patients will have increased access to me and my staff for appointments, patient messages, and follow up on referrals/tests. Also, services and membership may be covered under your Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account. We recommend contacting your insurance provider to determine your benefit coverage.

I have membership availability for 500-600 patients. If you do not choose to resume your care with Dr. Jarmon under the membership model, we recommend you consult your local physician referral service, your insurance company, your local medical society, and/or online to find another primary care physician to assume your medical care. We recommend that you place yourself under the care of another physician without delay. Below are health system options to assist you in finding a new primary care provider:

Brookwood Baptist Physician Finder: 877-909-4233

Grandview Physician Finder: 844-462-3627

Ascension St. Vincent’s Physician Finder:205-939-7878

UAB Physician Finder: 800-822-8816

You may send medical record requests to [email protected]. We use a third-party company to send records.

Frequently Asked Questions

Effective July 1, 2024, Dr. Jarmon will begin Concierge Medicine Practice.

Membership is an out-of-pocket expense and not covered by your deductible or copay.

Dr. Jarmon is still in network with Medicaid, Medicare, and some Private Insurance Carriers. However, membership is not covered by any insurance plans including Medicaid or Medicare

Cost of Membership Registration Fee: None

0-17 years old: $35/month (Non-Medicare patients)

18-64 years old: $40/month (Non-Medicare patients)

65+ years old: $50/month (Non-Medicare patients)

Family Plans:

Single Adult with up to 2 children: $100/month

Two Adults with up to 2 children: $145/month

Only $25/month for each additional child

Preferred payment options: every 3-months

What is Concierge Medicine? Concierge medicine is also known as concierge care, membership-based, retainer-based medicine, or VIP medicine. It is membership-based healthcare that pairs exclusive, personalized care with accessibility and convenience. For a flat monthly fee, you get priority office and telehealth visits that usually last 30-60 minutes, as well as direct care from a doctor without worrying about copays. You also gain access to your doctor’s direct access for medical questions and simple diagnostic and blood tests in their office. And if you have a major health problem, your doctor coordinates specialist referrals and/or hospital care as needed. With concierge medicine, the physician and staff have more time to provide individualized care. With concierge medicine it’s just doctors and patients while limiting the impact of third-party involvement.

What is Included in the Membership? Preferred access to your primary care doctor for acute medical care (for sick visits or minor injuries), chronic disease management (such as for hypertension, diabetes, thyroid disorders), Pap/pelvic exam, and most common office procedures. Preferred telemedicine scheduling is also available. I am available as often as is medically necessary to take the best care of you with NO CO-PAYS!

What if I have Medicare? Dr. Jarmon has chosen to resume her Medicare patient panel. Any established patient on Medicare or Medicare Advantage will be exempt from the Membership Model. We will resume your medical services as before.

What is Telemedicine? Are there any fees? There are no copays. The membership will cover the copay. We will bill the insurance for the visit. Telemedicine means communicating with your doctor about your medical concerns via a phone call, text, email or even a video visit. Many patients are seeking out this type of care between office visits for convenience. I have a free HIPAA-secure “EHR” for all my patients that allows us to do all the above at no additional charge.

Why pay for membership when you have insurance? Having a membership allows Dr. Jarmon to provide comprehensive and dedicated service to a smaller panel. Over the years, Dr. Jarmon acknowledged the complaints of not being able to have same day appointments, sooner appointments, and dedicated communication. However, having to fill the schedule with 25 plus chronic disease patients a day cuts into that personalization. Providing a membership-based practice, Dr. Jarmon will limit her panel to 500-600 patients. Having a smaller patient panel opens more opportunities for a genuine physician-patient relationship.

What if I have Medicaid? Patients with Medicaid, CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program ex AllKids), or private/commercial/government insurance must enroll in the Membership. Deductibles are not included in the membership payments.

Why can’t I just pay as I go? The concierge model works to keep the costs down for all patients because everyone is paying a monthly fee. This allows the total membership costs to stay relatively low. Some patients may feel that they only need the doctor on a minimal basis, but this can change very quickly with bad bronchitis, new injury, or other unexpected medical problems. Life is unpredictable but having a concierge doctor means that you are covered when you need it. Concierge is also ideal for “healthy” patients because we have more time to devote to prevention and lifestyle issues allowing us to focus on your wellness and longevity.

What if I have a high deductible or no insurance? Membership is still required. However, the membership cost is not included in the self-pay services. Instead of charging a higher fee per month, we charge per visit. New patient consultation is $120. Established patient consultation is $80. We have discounted lab pricing, office procedures, and vaccine pricing. We will guide you through the healthcare system to help you find more economical options for imaging, procedures, etc.

Can I cancel or receive a refund? Membership requires a 3-month commitment that must be renewed every 3 months. There are no refunds within the 3-month commitment period. You must cancel your service prior to the next 3-month billing cycle. If you cancel, you may not use the medical services. You must renew it to remain active.

Blessings and Health,

Marquisha D. Moore Jarmon, MD, FACP, FAAP